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Makhmal Creation

Islamic wall decor 4 Qul

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Islamic Wall Decor

Art is the main attraction of your wall and the art piece become even better when the right colour is sucked into it. Buy this amazing bright colour 4-Qul, Quran Surah wall art which attracts eyes. And give extra beauty to your interior.

Product Description

Very First, the team selects the content and the artist makes it. Then inspection occurs and detailing is done. At last, we finalize 1 product.

Islamic Wall Decor

  • We use brilliant colours to print HD picture photos. The artwork is printed on high-quality thick cotton, metallic or matt canvas.
  • The product comes in two sizes Large (W) 132cm *(H) 56cm and Small (W) 90cm*(H) 38cm. 
  • This is a perfect product for the home or use as gifts for your relatives & friends.
  • 2 layer UV coating to protect from fade, scratch, finger marks, duct, tear and maintain the shine longer.
  • Each item comes in a plastic protective bag and is kept in a hard cardboard tube to ensure transportation safety.
  • We use the professional method in producing to make our client experience better. All designs are copyrighted ted and can’t be used for commercial use. It comes with an authenticity certificate from Makhmal Creation™️.
  • Elegant vintage unique style. This Islamic wall frame will enhance the beauty of your wall.
  • To save your money in shipping costs and to protect from damage while transportation, the artwork comes in a tube. Get it framed by a local framing shop.
  • The best, easy and modern way to embellish your wall is by hanging canvas wall art and canvas paintings. It will fascinate wherever it is hung.
  • We dispatch prepaid orders in 3-5 days and it takes 10-12 days to dispatch COD orders.

 Surah Al-Kafiroun, Surah Al-Ikhlas, Surah Al-Falaq, Surah An-Nas

The 4 Quls are known as protecting Surahs. Surah Al-Kafiroun and Al-Ikhlas protect from shirk. Surahs Al-Falaq and An-Naas protect from mischief of created things, envy, magic and the whisperings of the shaitaan.


Our artwork is innovative, of extremely good nice and affordable, and our production
unit keep these high standards even as producing wall artwork.
You can be confident that we produce and deliver excellent wall artwork backed with the aid of dedicated patron service.

With over five years of experience, we provide standard satisfaction from our workshop and supply to you.

Islamic Wall Decor